1-1-2015 (Shaurya) Working on one of the most Insane film...Insane High quality production,High quality visuals & greatest tale ever told #The Monkey king

12-10-2014 (Shaurya) working with arijit singh for a lovely promo @australian tour 

10-10-2014 @(Shaurya) A Pleasure working with @rajneesh duggal,@viacom 18,@anurish media for a lovly film "SPARK"....releasing today...Best wishes to Vk singh director & Naresh gupta Producer

4-10-2013 @(Shaurya) These days, every movie is the same, and it’s your presentation of a particular film within a genre that makes the difference


12-9-2013@(Shaurya) These days, a movie is only as good as its promotional material. A film’s fate is decided on the opening weekend and every rupee made after the first 72 hours is a bonus.


3-9-2013 @(Shaurya)  A pleasure working with gracy singh ...thriller ..."inside story of farmhouse"....


25-6-2013 @(Shaurya) A Sleek Kool film on the way "Supermodel" ..FANTASTIC PIECE OF Work...Kool Promos n Trailers on d way yes


17-6-2013 @(Shaurya) Enjoying working on a sweet romantic film "Heartland" ...a story of dil (heart) & soil (mitti)heart


14-6-2013 @(Shaurya) Cutting a Trailer for Indian audiences is a tough task. “Hollywood gets away with only a couple of trailers for a film. In India, you need 20-25 small trailers, known as promos to keep audiences in loop -Shaurya


 2-2-2013 @(Shaurya) first look is not just restricted to the Indian audience but today it goes to fans across the globe as the communication of the film is seamless across markets